I'm Not Shay!

Well, practically I am Shay, unless you're comfortable pronouncing the sound “Gh” [the gargling R in French /mon cher... no? All is good.] ‘My name is Shaghayegh, you can call me Shay’, my opening line for the past few years. I'm a hybrid experience designer, design researcher, writer and art lover floating in between all these shades of expression.

Most of my projects surface social, political and environmental matters through design and research. Believing in the power of organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis reflects in my way of work too. My works are not only cooperatively done, but also facilitate the concept of collaboration in facing those topics.

My Resume


A patient-facing tool for cancer patients


A Collaboration between two separate Organizations on Cancer Care

I Wish For An Animal

A mixed-reality game about wildlife conservation

Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal

User experience design for a politically sensitive project


Share within your neighborhood

The Flying Classroom

An educational co-design project with underprivileged kids


Design research for a spontaneous theme: doing laundry


Experimenting with a visual idea

Table = Chest

Model Making

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