Patient 360

A Collaboration between two separate Organizations on Cancer Care


Understanding the experience of cancer patients at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and opportunities for improvement both for the organization and Premera Blue Cross (a health insurance company).


A collaborative semi-guerrilla ethnographic research for one month and developing insights for both parties.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Premera Blue Cross

Researcher, speaker and visual designer

SCCA: Shay Ghassemian, Katie Rehfield
Premera: Irish Malig, Robert Racadio, Sara Bell, Paul Braun, Ryan Rosensweig, Staci Heldring, Darci Brown, Lindsay Knapp

Research data and results

Observation, shadowing, contextual interviews, expert interviews, Service design blueprints, Synthesis


Given my circumstances as the solo designer and researcher of the Digital Health team at SCCA, the significance of this work for me was the team and mutual goals, efforts, and interests that I could share with them. “Patient360” was also a great opportunity for me to demonstrate the impact of ethnographic research in healthcare which is grounded more on the conventional side of innovation.

I presented the project and its challenges in a keynote at IASDR 2017 (International Association of Societies of Design Research) with Robert Racadio, the lead researcher at Premera. We explain how we built the team, what we focused on, how we overcame the challenges of this collaboration and how the insights helped our organizations. You can watch the complete keynote in the following video. Also, the team held a workshop called “How to 360” after the presentation, on stages of working with a completely different organization on the same topic.

See video here.

Presentation deck: